Synthetic rope vs Steel cable

” It’s not complicated it’s winch rope” –  Your car on a rope. Although a few years ago, people looked with disbelief towards winch rope, nowadays you see them everywhere. Winch rope has proven itself and we are going to tell you why.


Superwinch stands for value, solid construction for safe, simple and reliable operation. Quality and reliability are on Superwinch’s top of the list, add performance to that and you will have the best winch you can get!


Find al your winching gear in this menu. Winchlines, shackles, covers, remotes and all other articles you need to do your winch job. Mixed with Superwinch and Alltracks brand articles, we only offer you the best supplies.


Find all loose parts of your winch here. Parts per winch include drums, solenoids, supports and all other main parts of you winch. Accessories per winch are al non technical parts of your winch. For example winch lines, hooks, remotes, covers and such.

Winchside out

Should I stay or should I go? That’s the question with this Superwinch toy. A portable winch in a case, fully equipped, everything you need on hand. In this first edition of the winchside out we discuss the Winch 2 Go.


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